About Vivek Varghese Cherian


Vivek Cherian is a technologist, thought leader, author, enterprise architect, software architect, social entrepreneur, originally from Kochi, India and currently based in Chennai, India for a little over a decade. His professional career spans 19 years across Kochi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai, Singapore and Malaysia.

Vivek’s career started with free/open source software activism and his passion progressed mostly to building communities and software services understanding technology and human rights. He worked in the technology industry and non-profits, coordinated successful online campaigns in support of human rights defenders, was part of startups, experimented with grass-root tech, defended threats to software freedom worldwide, and built rights aware technology and social collectives.

He loves hacking free/open source software, building open technology infrastructure, researching and developing products, speaking at events and hosting workshops.

He currently specializes in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, cloud, devops. His other areas of expertise include enterprise architecture, software architecture, program management, computer programming, systems administration, information security.

His passions include fitness, dancing, meditation, mixed martial arts, music, photography, reading, blogging, trekking, board games, organizing community meetups.

Vivek has played servant leadership roles in multiple civil society movements and not for profits like The Free Software Foundation, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Wikimedia Foundation, Software for Public Interest, Python Foundation and The Openstack foundation.

Vivek is a member of AEA, IEEE , USENIX, SAGE ,LOPSA and an Associate Member of The Free Software Foundation and the The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Vivek is the founder of The FOSS India Collective , FOSS User Group, Kochi. and The FOSS Malayalam Project formerly known as The GNU Malayalam Project(GMP). These communities were curated by Vivek and handed over to the free/open source community as Vivek moved on in life and these communities are currently co-ordinated by various community members.

  1. Joseph John says:

    Hi Vivek
    I was checking on System /network administration to see what advice you would like to give for Netwrok security
    Good blog , keep it up
    Joseph John

  2. vivekvc says:

    Thanks Joseph John for your compliments. Do keep visiting for more updates.

    To ‘advice’ you on Security, I would like to know what sort of Network you are using.

    Can you be a bit more specific about the Network setup you have ?

  3. vivek verghese cheruvathoor says:

    hi ,

    my name is vivek verghese, a 27 year old mechanical engineer from thrissur . i was suprised to find your blog in google search. I was a java programmer in cognizant but left that job. i am suprised to see we have similar interests

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