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I came across this beautiful Sanskrit verse about the uniqueness of Free Knowledge Sharing: (Find the English Translation below)

न चौर हार्यम न च राज हार्यम |

न भ्रात्रभाज्यम न च भारकारी ||

व्यये कृते वर्धते नित्यं |

विद्या धनं सर्वे धनं प्रधानम् ||

Knowledge can neither be stolen by a thief, nor snatched by a king.

It is indivisible unlike ancestral property, it never burdens the bearer,

it multiplies manifold when offered to others.

Knowledge is the supreme form of wealth.

Romans 8:28 (New International Version)

More Than Conquerors

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Change your environment……….

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Faith

Consider an oak tree. If you plant it in a pot, its growth will be limited. Once its roots fill that pot, it can grow no further. The problem is not with the tree; it is with the environment. It is stifling growth. Perhaps you have bigger things in your heart than your present environment can facilitate. That’s why God will stir you out of a comfortable situation. When you go through persecution and rejection, it’s not always because somebody has it in for you. Sometimes, that’s God’s way of directing you into his perfect will. He’s trying to get you to stretch to the next level. He knows you’re not going to go without a push, so he’ll make it uncomfortable for you to stay where you are currently. The mistake we make at times is getting negative and sour; we focus on what didn’t work out. When we do that, we inhibit the opening of new doors. There are people who have experienced rejection in their personal relationships. They put all those years into it and now they’re hurt, dejected, going around defeated and not expecting anything good. Unfortunately, sometimes it is unavoidable just because somebody rejected you or walked out of your life and left you hurt, that doesn’t mean that you should retreat and settle where you are. That rejection did not change what God put on the inside of you. It doesn’t mean that you cannot yet be happy. When one door closes, if you will keep the right attitude, God will open another door. But you have to do your part and keep pressing forward.

The Washington Post has a book review of Science and Religion: What Scientists Really Think by Rice University sociologist Elaine Ecklund, who spent four years doing a detailed survey of 1,646 scientists at elite American research universities. The study reveals that scientists often practice a closeted faith, worrying about how their peers would react to learning about their religious views. ‘After four years of research, at least one thing became clear: Much of what we believe about the faith lives of elite scientists is wrong. The ‘”insurmountable hostility” between science and religion is a caricature, a thought-cliche, perhaps useful as a satire on groupthink, but hardly representative of reality,’ writes Ecklund. Unsurprisingly, Ecklund found that 64% of scientists are either atheists (34%) or agnostic (30%). But only five of the 275 in-depth interviewees actively oppose religion; and even among the third who are atheists, many consider themselves ‘spiritual.’ ‘According to the scientists I interviewed, the academy seems to have a “strong culture” that suppresses discussion about religion in many areas,’ says Ecklund. ‘To remove the perceived stigma, we would need to have more scientists talking openly about issues of religion, where such issues are particularly relevant to their discipline

Merry Christmas World.

Posted: December 25, 2009 in Faith, Uncategorized

Wishing you all Merry Christmas.

This ASCII Art is our gift to you all this Christmas day.

Vivek & Phebe.

Ichthux – GNU/Linux for Christians.

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Faith
Ichthux - GNU/Linux for Christians.

Ichthux - GNU/Linux for Christians.

Ichthux is a Kubuntu based GNU/LInux distribution targeting a Christian audience.  The latest release candidate of Ichthux is named  Ichthux 6.10 “Everlasting Joy”.

The latest stable release of Ichthux is called Ichthux 6.09 “Amazing Grace” and contains the following applications.

  • BibleTime Bible reader
  • Kio-Sword for Bible reader integration in Konqueror
  • Losungen (Watchwords) SuperKaramba theme
  • several Bibles installed by default for English (KJV), Spanish (SPARV), French (LSG), Hebrew (WLC), Greek (TR), Korean (Korean), Italian (Itadio) , Arabic (Arasvd), Russian (RST), and German (Gerlut1545)
  • Sword modules installed by language
  • Christian console tools: verse, bible-kjv
  • Christian emoticons theme for instant messaging in Kopete
  • Kdict (KDE Dictionary) with the Easton and Hitchcock Bible dictionaries
  • default artwork and settings designed with Christians in mind

The name Ichthux comes from the Greek word ichthus, which means fish. The ichthus fish, drawn with two crossed arcs, is a long-used symbol among Christians, as the word Ichthus (Ιχθυς, Greek for fish) is an acronym, which is a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name. It compiles to the following: “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is Saviour”

I is the first letter of the word Jesus in Greek: Ιησους (Iesous)

CH are the first letters of the word Christ: Χριστου (Christou)

TH are the first letters of the Greek word for God: Θεου (Theou)

U is the first letter for the Greek word for son: Υιος (Uios)

S is the first letter for the Greek work for saviour: Σωτηρ (Soter)

The X in the end of the name Ichthux is a common termination in the *nix world, of which Linux has become an important part.

In the early times of Christianity, Christians who were persecuted by Rome met in the catacombs. When two met, one would draw an arc in the sand with his sandal, and the other would have to complete the picture with another arc, thus drawing an ichthus on the floor. This was then the sign that they were both Christians.