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Nice presentation from Mirantis on what’s new in OpenStack Folsom.

I received an email early today morning from The Red Hat Certification Central informing me that I have been awarded a new certification named Red Hat Certified System Administrator.

My new RHCSA certificate number is 100-173-327

The Management feedback arrives and it’s on expected lines that you have ‘excellent communication skills apart from your technical skills, why don’t you try pre-sales ?’ .

I’ve repeatedly and politely declined these suggestions over the last few months and have conveyed to them that my target is to grow into a Systems Architect and the pre-sales profile is not some thing I am keen to take up at this point of time.

I am moved into International Technical Support where the management feels my ‘communication skills’ will help when providing technical assistance to International clients. Well all I can say is that I am being optimistic about all this and giving my new role a very honest try.

How much transparency is too much ?

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Work

Come appraisal time, I’ve just send in my self appraisal form as well as my feed backs about my immediate manager pending feedback from the management of my current employer.

Many employers have statements like this in their offer of employment ‘ Please note that you are expected to keep the salary package strictly confidential and not to share information regarding the salary with any one within the company

This has always kept me wondering why they do so, the logic being if any company is paying all the employees well then they need not be so low on confidence and self esteem about one well payed employee paying a compliment to another well payed employee about how the company is taking good care both of them.

Please do read this article by Rebecca Fernandezy titled How much transparency is too much? which does attempt to gather some feed back on what I have been pointing to.

Life in Netcore.

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Systems/Network Administration, Work

After a brief sabbatical from my corporate career due to health related reasons and after my marriage to Phebe, I decided it was time to find work.

I’ve joined NetCORE Solutions Pvt Limited as a Senior Systems Administrator this September. It’s been a quite 2 months at work with me getting familar with the Mail Server and Mail Routing Architecture of the Company and also assisting clients migrate from their existing mail setup to the various Mailing, Anti Spam and Anti Virus solutions of Netcore.

I have installed Mailman on a Postfix server with SMTP AUTH. The whole setup runs atop a Debian GNU/Linux Etch machine. This solves my present employer’s issue of a broken mailing list with which they have been living for a while.

I found this Debian wiki URL to be of great help while setting up Mailman. Hopefully someone else will find this useful too.

Started learning Python

Posted: October 15, 2008 in Work

Learning a programming language as part of my job is like a dream come true. I’ve now started to learn Python.

My first impression about the language is that it is nicely designed and takes you straight to the concepts of programming than focussing much on syntax.

In Fact Python is recommended by Eric.S.Raymond as the first language anyone should attempt to learn in this article which he wrote for Linux Journal.