Sudani from Nigeria Movie Review

Posted: April 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Movie: Sudani from Nigeria
Starring: Soubin Shahir, Samuel Abiola Robinson, Savithri Sreedharan,Sarasa Balusherry
Language: Malayalam
Director: Zakariya
Producer: Shyju Khalid,Sameer Thahir
Duration: 2 Hours 3 Minutes
Genre: Family, Satire, Humor


Sevens Football, the craze and life line of Malapurram and most of North Kerala!!!!.

The Protagonist Samuel (starring Samuel Abiola Robinson)(fondly nicknamed
‘Sudani / Sudu from Nigeria’ by local football freaks) is an illegal
immigrant from Nigeria and is a talented footballer who comes to Malapurram
in Kerala,hoping to earn enough money to help his grandmother and 2 Sisters
back home in war ravaged Nigeria. Samuel then gets injured in a freak accident
and is hospitalized. The whole movie then revolves around the passion people
from Malapurram have for Sevens Football, the social equations in Malapurram(and
North Kerala) where human relations often surpass material needs and neighbor
helps neighbor instead of the dog eat dog jungle culture that other places in
Kerala are known for, and bonds surpassing communal differences and the simple
life of people from Malapurram especially the sevens team manager Majid
(played by Soubin Shahir) where Samuel was playing who brings the injured
Samuel home and the Majid’s mother(Played by Savithri Sreedharan) and her friend
Beyumma (played by Sarasa Balusherry) and they develop a special fondness for Samuel
as their own son. Samuel and Majid slowly develop a very strong bond which is the main
theme of the movie. Samuel and Soubin share a very strong screen chemistry and both
their performances are standout.

A convincing array of themes transcending nationality and race, along with the
idea of not compensating scenes for a female character along the lead , make
Sudani a great watch.

The Movie is well directed, realistic and cinematography by Shyju Khalid is
exceptional. Music from Rex Vijayan is refreshing and there is humor / satire
interlaced with a good story line which vividly captures a plethora of human emotions
transcending race and nationality to keep one engrossed till the very end.The movie
also has notable performances from the debutant elderly stage actress duo of Savithri
Sreedharan as Jameela and Sarasa Balusherry as the assertive Beyumma.

Must watch movie which proves that Big Budget / Super Stars/ Item Numbers/
Songs/ Violence doesn’t necessarily make a great movie.




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