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I’ve been using DevStack for quite a while now. DevStack is a documented shell script from RackSpace Cloud Builders to build complete OpenStack development environments. Would recommend it for any developer trying to get OpenStack up and running with minimum fuss. The complete installation instructions are available at


Nice presentation from Mirantis on what’s new in OpenStack Folsom.

Moved my website from Super Dimension Fortress to my own VPS at Linode after the recent repeated cracker attacks on my websites and home workstation.

I received an email early today morning from The Red Hat Certification Central informing me that I have been awarded a new certification named Red Hat Certified System Administrator.

My new RHCSA certificate number is 100-173-327

I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their stand against Internet Censorship.

I Joined The Free Software Foundation today as an associate member #9193.

Nice to be associated with an organization that has long worked for the principle of software freedom. A strong Free Software Foundation will undoubtedly determine to a very large extend what freedoms the next generation of computer users will enjoy.

After a bit of thought, I decided to upgrade my ARPA: Patron Lifetime Membership Level on Super Dimension Fortress to the MetaARPA: Sustaining Membership Level.

Now I can avail of the following features of Super Dimension Fortress for $36 a year.

* 1000MB disk quota / 60,000 files divided into 4 areas
* access to private MetaARPA server
* SSL encryption on personal web site
* cron jobs managed via ‘mkcron’, screen, OpenLISP
* Proxying via bouncers like irssi, psybnc
* ssh tunnel/forwarding with alt port
* access to svn, git, rsync and java
* may write tutorials and system software
* dynamic domain name service (
* MOTD source code contrib access (no DBA)