Minutes of Meeting of Pirate Party Voice Call on 12/05/2017

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Minutes of Meeting of Pirate Party Meeting on 12/05/2017

Participants:Akihlesh, Praveen,Smithi,Bady(Recording)Sebin[Indian Pirates],Vivek [Libre Universe, Independent Observer]

Venue: Voice Call on Matrix at #piratesin:matrix.org

MoM Created by: Vivek

Agenda: Open Agenda.

The meeting started at 10.00 pm IST with Praveen,Sebin, Smithi, Akhilesh and Bady,VivekVC.

The meeting started with Discussion on how Loomio can be used for MoM of meetings that happen over calls. If some one starts a discussion on Riot, that person can initiate a discussion on Loomio to document the entire discussion

The following main points were discussed

1)How Loomio can be used for MoM of audio meetings. People who initiate a Debate/Discussion on Matrix should take the initiative to document it on the Loomio Page.

2)Pirate Movement Campaign: Discuss with friends, networks online. A Participant stated that he spoke to neighbors and they agree to some and disagreed to a few points and he educated them that the Pirate Movement gives them the Freedom to dissent/disagree with parts of the constitution on Loomio.

3)The Exposure of EVMs by AP Goverment was a welcome move though there is no way to understand how the ROM Source Code works. The timing though was bad for Goverment EVM hackathon. Paper Ballot/Paper trail still used in many countries and should be the preferred choice till we have full proof EVMs. EVMs could be tampered even before it is brought to the election venue. Election Commission is not willing to reveal the source code of the ROMs used in the EVMs and that is a major issue.

4) Pirates should make a statement to make paper trail mandatory for voting and make it part of the Pirate manifesto.

5) Collaborating with other like minded groups like Lokayut.Most groups work in isolation because of ego clash between leaders

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