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Came an interesting post titled The Hacker Lifecycle on SlashDot. Thought the best way to bookmark the link is to blog about it.


Ceph is a free/open source Software distributed file system Ceph’s main goals are to be Posix-compatible, and completely distributed without a single point of failure.


Keystone, the identity and authentication service of OpenStack often relies on MySQL as the back end Database server.

One of the most common errors I have encounted is the MySQL Access denied error. The URL to trouble shoot such kind of errors is

“Nine women can’t make a baby in one month”. – Fred Brooks.

Brook’s Law on Wikipedia

I received an email early today morning from The Red Hat Certification Central informing me that I have been awarded a new certification named Red Hat Certified System Administrator.

My new RHCSA certificate number is 100-173-327

I support the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their stand against Internet Censorship.

I Joined The Free Software Foundation today as an associate member #9193.

Nice to be associated with an organization that has long worked for the principle of software freedom. A strong Free Software Foundation will undoubtedly determine to a very large extend what freedoms the next generation of computer users will enjoy.