Pressure Tactics by HDFC Bank

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Activism, Personal

HDFC Bank sure is an expert with pressure tactics and they seem to have left no stone unturned in making my ATM Card withdrawal limit to only Rs 10,000/-
when a Debit Card withdrawal Limit is placed at Rs 25,000/- for the same account in a desperate bid to force clients like myself who refuse to bite the ‘Debit Card’ bait.

I am just back from a visit to the Lower Parel Branch of HDFC bank and the Bank confirmed that the daily withdrawal limit is only Rs 10,000/- without any option to upgrade the withdrawal limit.


1) Why is it that for the very same account of mine an ATM card has a lower withdrawal Limit (Rs,10000/-) and a Debit Card has a higher withdrawal limit (Rs 25,000) which is more than double the withdrawal limit on an ATM Card ?

2) Why are you discriminating ATM card users and providing more withdrawal privileges for Debit card holders and that too for the same account ?

HDFC nice innovative way to use pressure tactics on your clients and force them to your so called ‘upgrade’ to a Debit Card, I am not biting your
bait though.


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