Taxi Strikes in Mumbai

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Personal

What a Shame!!!. The second day of Taxi Strikes are going on in Mumbai.

We (Phebe and me) are seriously thinking of getting a car as I have had too many confrontations with Taxi drivers in the recent past including one where I had to call the police just outside my office at the Peninsular Industrial Estate at Lower Parel a week back when a Taxi Driver pushed me out of a Taxi telling me that the Taxi was engaged when it was actually empty.

Another tactic of the drivers is to claim that they have run out of fuel and hence can’t ply the distance and threaten that the commuters have to bear the waiting time at the fuel station.

They refuse to ply short distances and often rudely just speed away their cars once they come to know that the destination just requires a short trip ( the law says they cannot refuse any commuters anytime irrespective of the distance).

Needless to say Taxi drivers in Mumbai pretend not to know the way and try to take you for a ride if you are not careful enough on every cross road.

Depending on the BEST buses is even more futile as they just don’t seem to come on time.

Seems like every ‘common man’ has to get ‘uncommon’ just to survive in an urban jungle like Mumbai.


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