I am finally ‘Free as in Freedom’ says VRMS ( Virtual RMS)

Posted: November 17, 2008 in FOSS, Miscellaneous

My Laptop is now a Dual boot between Ubuntu Hardy Heron and Pure Debian Etch. I am in the process of upgrading to  Debian Unstable (Sid).

I was playing around with the Debian packaging system and decided to give the application VRMS ( virtual Richard M. Stallman ) a try.

This is what the package description says:

‘ The vrms program will analyze the set of currently-installed packages
on a Debian-based system, and report all of the packages from the
non-free tree which are currently installed.

Note that vrms is not limited to Debian systems only (which means that
it also works with Debian-derived distributions such as Ubuntu). It is
also not limited to Linux-based systems.

Future versions of vrms will include an option to also display text
from the public writings of RMS and others that explain why use of each
of the installed non-free packages might cause moral issues for some in
the Free Software community. This functionality is not yet included. ‘

I tried running vrms on my console and I got this output

vivek@wisdom:~$ vrms
No non-free packages installed on wisdom.local! rms would be proud.

Cool, finally an operating system that is completely ‘Free as in Freedom’

Let the hacking games begin 🙂


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