Ichthux – GNU/Linux for Christians.

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Faith
Ichthux - GNU/Linux for Christians.

Ichthux - GNU/Linux for Christians.

Ichthux is a Kubuntu based GNU/LInux distribution targeting a Christian audience.  The latest release candidate of Ichthux is named  Ichthux 6.10 “Everlasting Joy”.

The latest stable release of Ichthux is called Ichthux 6.09 “Amazing Grace” and contains the following applications.

  • BibleTime Bible reader
  • Kio-Sword for Bible reader integration in Konqueror
  • Losungen (Watchwords) SuperKaramba theme
  • several Bibles installed by default for English (KJV), Spanish (SPARV), French (LSG), Hebrew (WLC), Greek (TR), Korean (Korean), Italian (Itadio) , Arabic (Arasvd), Russian (RST), and German (Gerlut1545)
  • Sword modules installed by language
  • Christian console tools: verse, bible-kjv
  • Christian emoticons theme for instant messaging in Kopete
  • Kdict (KDE Dictionary) with the Easton and Hitchcock Bible dictionaries
  • default artwork and settings designed with Christians in mind

The name Ichthux comes from the Greek word ichthus, which means fish. The ichthus fish, drawn with two crossed arcs, is a long-used symbol among Christians, as the word Ichthus (Ιχθυς, Greek for fish) is an acronym, which is a word formed from the initial letters of the several words in the name. It compiles to the following: “Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is Saviour”

I is the first letter of the word Jesus in Greek: Ιησους (Iesous)

CH are the first letters of the word Christ: Χριστου (Christou)

TH are the first letters of the Greek word for God: Θεου (Theou)

U is the first letter for the Greek word for son: Υιος (Uios)

S is the first letter for the Greek work for saviour: Σωτηρ (Soter)

The X in the end of the name Ichthux is a common termination in the *nix world, of which Linux has become an important part.

In the early times of Christianity, Christians who were persecuted by Rome met in the catacombs. When two met, one would draw an arc in the sand with his sandal, and the other would have to complete the picture with another arc, thus drawing an ichthus on the floor. This was then the sign that they were both Christians.


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