Spam flood unabated even after the largest SPAM bust in history.

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Systems/Network Administration

Last week the US Federal Trade Commison made a news release that it had shut down and frozen the assets of a vast international spam e-mail network.

The international spam ring had ties with Australia, New Zealand, China, India, and the US and is in the process of being shut down. Finances of members in the US are being frozen using the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 while the FBI is pursuing criminal charges

The group sent spam advertising male enhancement herbs and other items using a botnet estimated at 35,000 computers, and able to send 10 billion emails per day. The Federal Trade Commission monitored the group’s finances and found that they had cleared $400,000 in Visa charges in one month alone.

According to Spamahus, the network has been identified as the largest “spam gang” in the world.

However the bust seems to have no measurable impact on global spam volumes . “Botnet spam systems are very automated and will continue to spam even if the operators do not log in and control them,” SpamHaus employee Quentin Jenkins wrote in a blog post.

The only clear-cut way out to make a visible dent in spam volumes was for PC users around the world to ensure their computers were clean of the malware that allows spammers to hijack their computers for use as part of a botnet.


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